Project Name

Design Review and Construction Supervision of 220/33kV, 1x20MVA Substation in Ifakara and Extension of 70 km Distribution Power Lines in Kilombero and Ulanga Districts.
  • Client : Rural Energy Agency (REA)
  • Category : Energy
  • Location : Morogoro.

Project Name

Short description of the project:

The project involves Construction of 220/33kV Substation with 1x20MVA Power Transformer, connecting 220kV Overhead Transmission Line to the Substation T-off from Kihansi-Kidatu Interconnector, Synchronization of New Substation with National Grid in the SCADA system, Construction of 33kV Medium Voltage Power Lines 70km, Installation of 26 Distribution Pole Mounted Substations/Transformers (PMT), Construction of 0.4kV Low Voltage lines 128km and Connection of 1050 initial new customers. Commissioning of 20MVA Substation, 33kV MV lines and 0.4kV LV lines.


Service provided in this Project included the following

  • Design review and construction supervision of 1x20MVA substation
  • Design review and construction supervision of 220kV transmission line
  • Design review and construction supervision of 70km medium voltage power line.
  • Design review and construction supervision of low voltage networks and last mile connection.
  • Project management and contract administration
  • Testing and commissioning of medium voltage and low voltage power lines.
  • Testing and Commissioning of Substation and Transmission line