Project Name

Construction Supervision for Rural Electrification Densification Programme – REDP Phase 1
  • Client : Rural Energy Agency (REA)
  • Category : Energy
  • Location : Pwani, Tanga, Mbeya, Iringa, Mara and Arusha Regions

Project Name

Short Description of the Project:

The overall objective of the Project is to assist REA in implementing the Densification Programme’s first six batches of rural electrification (electrification of approximately 300 rural villages across six regions in Tanzania i.e. Pwani, Tanga, Mara, Mbeya, Iringa and Arusha). The project involves the installation of underline transformers to the existing 33kV line, extending LV lines of approximately 1km from each transformer and service line connections to new customers.

Services Provided in this project

The Technical Assistance aimed to support REA in the designing, planning, pre-bidding and procurement processes, as well as supervise and monitor project implementation. Conduct a study to validate the Result-Based-Financing (RBF) of the programme.

The project team was responsible for:

  • Scope verification of the identified hamlets
  • Preparation of employer’s requirement
  • Assistance in tendering process
  • Construction supervision
  • Testing and commissioning