Project Name

Construction Supervision of a New Grinding Mill for Tanga Cement Company Ltd in Tanga
  • Category : Industrial
  • Location : Tanga Municipal in Tanzania

Project Name

Short description of the project:

Tanga Cement Company Limited implemented a project comprising of construction of grinding mill, clinker transport with its storage, clinker receiver, gypsum & additives preparation, gypsum & additives storage, packing plant, clinker transport, cement feed mill and loading bay. Other constructed structures included, cement grinding aid, cement transport system, electrical room, water cooling tower and heavy oil fuel tank.

NORPLAN Tanzania’s involvement has been much in provision of supervision services from the commencement of the project up to the commissioning stage. NORPLAN had a supervision team of civil Engineers headed by a construction site manager with a backup support from senior engineers based in head office during project execution. NORPLAN’s involvement was further extended in provision of consultancy services in the mechanical and electrical sectors during the construction as scheduled in the contract.

In addition to that, NORPLAN Tanzania has been involved in the design of a new sewage system after the failure of the existing one due to expansion of the plant. Scope of works was from soil investigation up to the preparation of tender document. This work was independent of the main contract.

NORPLAN has also been involved in the designs works of different structures like generator house, design for the warehouse roof, preliminary soil investigation prior to construction of weigh stations etc. Project is completed.