Significant improvement in the quality of our Geotechnical and Materials Testing Services have been enhanced after acquiring a new set of custom-built, all-terrain heavy-duty mobile drilling rig that can be remotely operated to extract samples with a radio range of over half a kilometer away and upgrading our materials testing lab with high tech equipment capable of satisfying standards and requirements of the current market demand.


Our staff are capable of blending in on every scenery, easily harmonizing with the environment. Enabling the staff to have the right gear, right tools and the right supporting budget to get to where they need to get and work efficiently ensures a calculated successful approach in any engineering project.


We make it our target that we provide our field engineers all the necessary transportation tools they need in order to be able to explore and track through extreme and rough terrains during the process of executing engineering duties. This gives us an edge and competitive advantage in our delivery.


Its not just about hammers and nails, sometimes its also about screws and nuts, wrenches and bolts. Most of times, the right tool for the right job, gets the task done faster, better and more efficiently than otherwise. We have the right tools and we have skilled engineers aptly capable of using them.


We aim to stay clean, smart and maintain professional and ethical standards when we deploy to work-sites. This reduces delays caused by elements of inefficiency resulting from on-site health and safety hazards. This way we are able to keep all our staff concern-free and thus 100% focused on the task of delivering to the client.


Good engineering presides with sheer beauty. Our organization's conduct and techniques are influenced by internationally and nationally recognized standards resulting in conventionally concise and yet individually unique projects.


Keen and detail-sensitive observation as well as careful and organized recording of material investigations data is very important during survey for an overall success in all subsequent engineering operations.


Clear and concise planning is essential as a foundation for a successful engineering project. A photograph taken in a heated moment when a group of engineers on board a sea vessel was wrapping up on key target points immediately before executing a geotechnical procedure.


Swift access to remote rural areas often requires the use of appropriate means of transportation. Usually a combination of land and air transport is necessary. At our organization we have adequate logistical support that can plan quick deployments for our engineers and staff to any location within and outside of Tanzania.


A safe and serene environment is paramount to successful deliveries from the staff. With all necessary amenities covered, the engineers are able to focus on one single task, which is to do the best possible for the good of the client's project.